Under The Sun

He wakes up every morning,he prays.He prays every day that things will change for the better.He prays every day that things will go his way.Sometimes he doubts whether there is someone out there who's listening because he has struggled for so long.
     He has been working relentlessly,sweating under the scorching sun.He uses a little of his meager earnings and saves the rest but it's never enough to sustain his family.There is no one out there to help him out.Begging on the side of the road,asking his priest for alms,trying to borrow from his friends,but there is no one to help him out.Sometimes he thinks of committing suicide,the last option of course,but the idea of leaving his family suffering behind stops him from it!
     He has seen it all,he has seen people die and sometimes he is a bit grateful
that he is still alive and well.There are people who drive expensive cars,go to expensive restaurants,wear expensive clothes but not him.He feels like he was left out w…